Approval Process for Promotions

Approval Process for Promotions

Now that we have organizations coming onto the system to share promotions with you, we want to explain our approval process for these promotions to ensure that your community is getting relevant, accurate, and helpful information.

When an organization creates a promotion, it is send immediately to Digital Deets. We review the promotion and any links that are included, checking the content and images to ensure everything is up to par. We work with the organization directly if anything needs to be changed or edited.

Once the promotion has been reviewed by Digital Deets, we approve it and it is sent on to your community.

However, if you have any problem with the promotion or you would like edits to be made, you have the tool to do so:

- Log into your Digital Deets account
- Go to Communications > All Promotions.
- Click on the Flag icon to the right and include the reason you are flagging the promotion.  You can briefly explain what edits need to be made and the organization will receive this feedback.  The promotion will be removed from view until the requested edits have been made. It won't appear again if the organization does not make the edits.

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