Platform Set Up/ Management: Get Started Easy Training

Platform Set Up/ Management: Get Started Easy Training

Sub Admin, follow this quick, easy training to get started using the School Deets platform.  If you need to dive deeper into portions of the platform search our knowledge base by platform feature to get more step by step tutorials.  

3. Uploading Student Data (8:16) : 

4. Create The School Users/ contributors: (article only)
Below are the steps to adding contributors into the School Deets platform. These people are teachers, coaches, volunteers, anyone that you want to be able to use the platform to communicate. 

1. Go to the School Deets Dashboard. Locate the Create item in the Tools section of the app. Click on "users." 

2. Fill in the information being asked: Choose their role and sub role if they have it, fill in their name, work email address, phone number is optional and status should default to active. If you want to make someone inactive you can do it from this screen. 

3. Press save if you just want to save the contributors information. Press save and send credentials if you want the user to get their credentials sent to them via email. We recommend you send their credentials as you create them so everyone gets them at the same time and you won't have to reset any passwords at a later time. 

8.  Message Analytics -Check to see which parents are reading your posts. (1:34)