Platform Set Up/Management: Auto-connection set up

Platform Set Up/Management: Auto-connection set up

Connect your students and parents one at a time.

1. Head to Manage: Auto-Connection Data

2. Then click on Create.

3. Add your student and parent data.

4. Save the data and you're all set.

Bulk Update: Connect many parents and students at once.

If you have a large amount of parents and students to auto connect, allow us to do it for you. Simply provide us with a file of parent and student information and allow 2 days.  We will auto-connect all of your parents and students for you.  

1. Find the sample file and location to import your file under Manage: Auto-Connection Data. If you are a Denver Public School, you can use the existing file in your Infinite Campus account

2. Use the sample file to format your data correctly.

3. Click on drop file.

4. Then drop your file and we will hand the set up in 2 business days.

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