Manage your notification preferences

Manage Your Notification Preferences

Digital Deets is a web and mobile application that holds important content from your organization community.  Each user can set their own notification preferences.  Content always sits in the mobile and web applications for you to view when you want and how you want.  Each user sets the way they want to be notified of new content.    

Here's how on the Mobile Application:  

1. Tap on the More menu indicated by the three horizontal lines. 

2. Then Tap on Notification Preferences:

3. Once in your notification preferences options, pick how you want to receive notifications:

Toggle to the right (blue)- notification turned on.
Toggle to the left (white) - notification turned off.  

From the Web Application:

1. Go to the drop down My Account menu and click on Notification Preferences.


2. Set your notification preferences to your liking

Check mark indicates the preference is turned on.
Remove the check mark to turn this notification setting off.  

If you turn your preferences to off, be sure to check the app often.  If you do not check the app often, find the notification settings that work best for you.  

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