School Deets Getting Started Easy Training

Platform Set up/ Management: Getting Started- Easy Training

Contributors, follow this quick, easy training to get started using the Digital Deets platform.  

1.  Check your Account Settings
Be sure your Account Settings are accurate.  Update any fields that need to be edited.

2. Use the Help Desk to find answers to your customer support questions or submit a ticket.

3.  Create your First Group 
Head to Groups from the top menu and click on Create.

Add a name and image for your group.

Add your group members, and search by student name or parent name, to add members.  

4.  Share your Group with other staff or volunteers, (if necessary)

5.  Create and Send Posts 
From the Home page, click on Create Post to create your first group post. 

Fill in each field when you create your post.  Attach up to 10 images or 1 file.  Send your post immediately or schedule it for the future.

6.  Edit posts or Check analytics,
From My Posts, you can edit or update posts and check analytics to see who's reading your posts.

7. Direct Message
From Messages, you can initiate one-to-one messaging with translation.

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