Posts in Email Inbox Will Now Have Organization Name (instead of Digital Deets)

Posts in Email Inbox Will Now Have Organization Name (instead of Digital Deets)

Along with our exciting name change to Digital Deets, we also want to bring your school, your community, and your members front and center.

Starting Wednesday August 18th, all emails and posts sent through Digital Deets will have the name of your school, instead of our name, as the sender in your email inbox.

For example, for a school named Wilson Academy, the email sender for a post sent through Digital Deets would be: Wilson Academy,

These are unmonitored email addresses and you should continue to reach out to your school/organization via normal channels. 

We will still be powering everything on the backend, but we want your school to take the spotlight. This is why we want your school name to appear in email inboxes, to make it even easier to find important information and make sure everyone is in the know. We are committed to serving you and helping you facilitate communication across your community, and we believe this change will continue to fulfill that goal.

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