Encourage your members to complete their accounts on Digital Deets

Encourage your members to complete their accounts on Digital Deets

Once you have added your member data for your organization.  You will automatically reach members by email. However, you should encourage them to complete their accounts in order to access additional features and to use the mobile app.  
Here's how to encourage members to complete their accounts.

Use our post template: "Complete your Account" to send a post encouraging members to complete their accounts.  You can find this template in Digital Deets under Communications, Templates.

From here, copy the template in order to create a post and choose your All Members or Incomplete Members group.

The post template explains how members with incomplete accounts can complete their accounts from their email.  It is the easiest and fastest way to complete their accounts.   Once members have completed their accounts, they can download the mobile app and use it for mobile access to Digital Deets and to receive push notifications directly to their mobile devices.

We have attached the pdf and image file of the email account completion directions.  
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