Fundraising with Digital Deets

Fundraising with Digital Deets

With Digital Deets, not only can you streamline your organization communication, but you can fundraise as well. With our promotion and sponsor software, local businesses support your organization, and you receive funds and share valuable resources with your community. We find businesses that are interested in reaching local audiences and that have interesting products and services for your communities.

For every sponsorship we get, your organization gets 50% of the sponsorship dollars. Paying businesses create promotions with deals and relevant information for your audience, your Account Authority is notified of these promotions, and your school community can view the information in a no-hassle, seamless manner. 

Promotions appear at the bottom of emails sent through Digital Deets. We also send out a Digital Deets promotion email every 2 weeks, full of deals, local businesses, and sponsors' promotions that parents can peruse at their leisure. They can also unsubscribe, should they desire. If you are using Digital Deets Communication app, these promotions will also appear in our app, below the most recent school post.

How To Get Started

1. You'll see a new icon in your Menu Bar, titled "Fundraising." 

2. By clicking here, you will be taken to your Fundraising page. This is where you can see the businesses we've recruited for you. 

3. The colored circles at the top are three important steps to get started. Following these steps ensures that you receive your money!

First, add your Paypal email address to your account so we can send you the money digitally. Or, you can choose to receive a physical check.

Second, upload your contact lists for your organization. If you are using the Digital Deets Communication platform, you probably already have this step completed as you communicate with parents via our app.

Third, pick your launch date. Digital Deets will begin reaching out to your school community to passively raise funds.

4. When a potential sponsor purchases a sponsorship, they will be appear in your School Sponsors table and they will begin creating promotions. Your Account Authority will be notified when they create promotions. To see when their sponsorships started, scroll to the far right of the table. 

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