How to Raise Money with Digital Deets

How to Raise Money with Digital Deets

Are you a PTA member at your school or part of the fundraising team at your organization? Are you looking for an easy way to raise money for your organization and connect with local businesses?

Digital Deets offers a no-hassle way to raise money for your organization by bringing relevant, interesting, and current promotional content to your community through email messaging. By using our system to send out emails to your organization members, you can unlock potential funds through the seamless integration of promotional content.

You also get an organized email management system, where you can create groups to segment your audience and deliver targeted information to the right people. You add your audience members' email addresses to our system and then create posts to send to them. These posts are delivered to their email inbox like normal. They can also download our app to create an account and view posts there, if they want (but not required!). It's easy for you to review previous posts and edit posts. Instead of sorting through previous emails to find what you've sent already, you can manage all your posts in one place in your Digital Deets account. And instead of manually adding email addresses to an email one by one, you simply select the group you want to receive the information. No chance of forgetting someone and super easy to keep track of who is getting what information!

Now, you may be asking, how do I make money for my organization in this system? Well, you have the undivided and consistent attention of your entire community -- there are organizations willing to pay to access that same audience. At the bottom of all emails sent through Digital Deets is a promotional content section.  When you are sending out posts using our system, these emails can also contain promotions from organizations that include attractive, relative promotional content at the bottom of the emails. In an unobtrusive manner, these promotions can then be seen by your entire audience. They may include local deals, upcoming sales announcements, general information about a nearby business---information that is interesting and beneficial to the audience reading your posts. Here's an example of the promotion appearing below the post in an email sent through Digital Deets:

So, we want to give you the power to sell this exposure and make money for your organization. There are two plans to sell, our Promote Plan and Sponsor Plan

Promote Plan

With this plan, an organization pays to send promotions not only to your organization, but to all organizations in a defined local area. They can create promotions and send them to all organizations, or pick and choose. They can also create several different promotions to do A/B testing or tailor the content to specific locations. The promotions will appear at the bottom of emails sent through Digital Deets to the organizations they've selected, as well appear in our mobile and web app in our promotion feed (for your members that have completed accounts and downloaded our app).

Interested organizations pay:

For either the duration of a month or a year, an organization can send promotions out whenever they want, to be featured at the bottom of emails sent through Digital Deets.

The Money

With the Promote plan, half of the money paid is distributed to the organizations that received the promotions. 1/4 goes back to you, the PTA member or fundraising group. The remaining 1/4 goes to Digital Deets.

So, for the monthly plan, here's the breakdown:

$75 - distributed to ALL organizations that received the promotions
$37.5 - distributed to PTA or fundraising group who recruited the paying organization
$37.5 - distributed to Digital Deets

Yearly breakdown:

$750 - distributed to ALL organizations that received the promotions
$375 - distributed to PTA or fundraising person who recruited the paying organization
$375 - distributed to Digital Deets

Distribution to Organizations that Received the Promotions

The distribution of funds to organizations in the Promote plan is calculated based on number of views generated. Remember, with this plan, an organization is sending out promotions to many organizations in our system. Subsequently, the promotions are appearing at different rates for different organizations depending on how often the organization is sending out posts using our system. The organization that is sending out a lot of posts leads to the promotion appearing more often to its audience, increasing the exposure and brand recognition for the promoting organization. Therefore, the organizations that generate more views will receive a greater proportion of the 50% distributed. Learn more about how to generate the most views and get the most money.

With this plan, an organization chooses to only promote to your organization--they choose to sponsor your organization and give half their sponsorship funds directly to you. They want to support your institution directly, reach your audience consistently, and focus their energy on promoting to your members. Often times, the organizations interested in this plan have a vested interest in your organization or an existing relationship with you, and want to bolster that. 

With the Sponsor plan, an organization still creates promotions that appear at the bottom of email communications sent through Digital Deets, as well as in our web and mobile app. However, these promotions only go to your organization. Their logo also appears in email communications, as well as the top of your Digital Deets mobile and web feed. 

The Money

The Sponsor Plan costs $500 per organization. 50% goes directly to the sponsored organization. 1/4 goes to the PTA or fundraising person who recruited the sponsor. And 1/4 goes to Digital Deets.

Here's the breakdown:
$250 - given directly to your organization
$125 - given to PTA or fundraising person who recruited the paying organization
$125 - given to Digital Deets

We want to enable and empower you to use your existing and necessary communication methods to make money for your organization. Through selling these plans, you can put more money in your pocket with little work on your end.
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