Auto-Connection File: Infinite Campus DPS

Auto-Connection File: Infinite Campus DPS

If you are a DPS school, we've created a file for you in your Infinite Campus account that can be downloaded easily and re-uploaded to Digital Deets to update your school members (parents, students, teachers) quickly.

You'll find the Digital Deets File in Infinite Campus. Follow these steps:

1. The data is in IC in an adhoc filter. 

2. Go to Ad Reporting > Data Export

3. In the m AdHoc Library ES group, you will find a filter labeled "(School Deets Launch File)"  

4. Once you locate this filter, export the data in CSV format.

5. Drop the file in Digital Deets.  You can do this under Manage, Auto Connection Data.

We will be notified automatically of your file and will update it within 48 hours.
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