Organization Listings in the Community

Organization Listings in the Community

The Community Catalog is a free digital resource provided in the Digital Deets Community.  It is built for local communities to explore and find near-by, regional and national offerings.  It includes both non-profit organizations and businesses . We source organizations that have offerings that are interesting and helpful to community members, families, teachers, and staff alike. Each listing includes useful information, including organization name and description, contact information, website, and images, making it easy to learn more and visit their website to inquire further. Our listings are digital, organized, and easy to use. 

Not only does it include businesses, it also includes non-profit organizations and community groups with events and resources that are helpful to those in need.

It's mutually beneficial---school and nonprofit communities peruse useful information about happenings and companies in their area, and organizations get their information to an interested audience. Our listings will include virtual camps, enrichment activities, after school programs, local professional services, and back-to-school preparations, among many other topics. They will continue to grow and become more robust, to make this free resource even more helpful for our communities.

If you have ideas about topics that would be useful to your organization, please let us know at

You can always view the Catalog in our web and mobile app, as well as at the bottom of emails sent through Digital Deets. Simply click on the icon to be taken to the list itself, where you can explore.

Our first Listing includes Virtual Camps and After-School Athletics. Some have provided descriptions, images, and promotion codes for our Digital Deets community to use. All websites are listed so it's easy to learn more and sign your child up.

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