Platform Set Up/ Management: Create a Simple Communication Plan for your school.

Platform Set Up/ Management: Create a Simple Communication Plan for your school.

So many ed-tech tools.  So many uses.  Here's some suggestions on how to consolidate and create a school communication plan for your school that is simple and easy to manage.  

A quick recap of some of the products that offer communication tools:
School Community Engagement Systems:  School Deets - think school community engagement - think of the benefits of Constant Contact/Mailchimp, Social Media, School Website (Content Management Systems) Google Translate but safe, secure, reach all parents, reach external community members, invite community members to follow you, raise money add sponsors and partners, share school information with multiple different stakeholders, personalize the mobile app for your school/district   

Learning Management Systems - Schoology, SeeSaw, Canvas, Google Classroom, Edmodo, etc - tools that assist teachers and students to help facilitate learning

Student information Systems - IC, PowerSchool, RenWeb, etc tools for academic record - behavior reporting, attendance reporting, academic record/transcript reporting

Here's a potential school communication plan to help you narrow your school's communication strategy by incorporating the best of each of these  tools:

Immediate or high-level information from both the school and district: -  (think safety and security, crisis management, academic record) from the school and/or district will come directly from the school via the district's preferred tools: think: SchoolMessenger, Infinite Campus Messenger, PowerSchool Messenger, and your other district/school level systems with a possible follow up in School Deets (depending on the nature of the information) We recommend academic record stays with your Student Information System.  Typically parents set these communication preferences when they register with your district or school using your Student Information Systems.

Academic Updates - Seesaw (K-5), Schoology (6-8) Google Classroom, Canvas, EdModo - or (other learning management systems). Encourage teachers to provide weekly or as needed information to parents via these learning platforms. Students will be using these tools daily for their learning.

Midweek Message: School Deets- Every Tuesday or Wednesday send a midweek message  (You may or may not decide to do this. )

Weekly Principal/Office/Central Administration Post: School Deets - Every Monday or Friday send a message from your principal or member of your administration via School Deets. 

Thursday Notes (similar to Thursday (weekly) folders or your Weekly Newsletter): School Deets - Both your PTA and School personnel can use this opportunity to share weekly community information on happenings at the school. Here you will find information on Dine Out opportunities (our dining out fundraising program), upcoming community- wide events, volunteer requests and opportunities, fundraisers, and general school information. 

Reminders for school community happenings - School Deets - Send these strategically throughout the school year 

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General information mostly related to recruiting and prospective parents and students.  

Be sure to include the School Deets rss feed on your website. Ask us for your school ID, when installing the snippet.

Want a Sample Post to share with parents regarding your School Communication Plan?  Read this article: