Posts versus Promotions

Posts versus Promotions

You can create posts AND promotions in DigitalDeets. What's the difference, you may ask. Let us explain!


Posts are messages that you want to send to specific groups of your choosing and have the information stay within those groups. For instance, a post announcing Parent-Teacher conferences on Friday needs to go to your parents and teachers, but nowhere else. Community members, neighbors, and sponsors don't need to hear about this. So you create a POST and send it to the desired groups (like normal).

There is no re-sharing option, because this information doesn't need to go any further. The right people can see it via their email notifications or our app, and that's it! Posts appear at the top center of our app and communications webpage, as well as via email notifications for those who've selected it.


Promotions are messages that you want to be shared BEYOND just your organization groups. They are meant to be shared on social media, emailed to others, and generally have a far reach. For instance, if you are having a School Fair, you may want your neighborhood community and local businesses to know about it and attend. You may want other schools to know, too. You can create a PROMOTION that your organization can re-share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and direct links, so more people see and more people are in the know!

When your community sees this promotion, they will see the re-sharing buttons at the bottom:

A promotion appears in several different places.

First, it will appear in a horizontal feed on your communications webpage and app right below the most recent post. 

Second, it will appear at the top of the communications webpage and app, in a square logo.

Third, it will appear on your organization website, if you have the widget installed.

Fourth, it will appear at the bottom of your email notifications for posts sent through DigitalDeets.

This article shows where promotions appear. It speaks to a sponsor's promotion, but it's the same for your own promotions, too.

To summarize:

A post is for a designated group(s) and the information is private to those groups.

A promotion is intended to reach a wide audience and be shared by anyone who sees it.

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