Promote Plan with Digital Deets

Promote Plan with Digital Deets

You can purchase a Promote plan with Digital Deets to reach all our current organizations digitally and easily. You create promotions within our system and these are sent out automatically to our audiences of parents, school and organization users, and other community members. You get a measurable ROI and reach new audiences.

As we add new organizations to our platform, you will automatically get access to each one. You can pick and choose which organizations to send promotions to, and you can send different promotions tailored to each audience. You can also send the same promotion to every organization. It's up to you!

You can purchase a monthly plan ($150/month) or an annual plan ($1,500/year). After purchasing, you can start creating promotions! 50% of your money goes back to the organizations you've shared promotions with.

Creating a Promotion

1. Sign into your Digital Deets account at

2. Go to My Promotions and click on "+ Create" in the bottom right corner. 

3.  Choose which organizations this particular promotion will go to at the top. You can select all of them, or choose particular ones. Add your business name, logo, and a title. Then, build your content. You can see how the promotion looks as you build it, by viewing the right hand side. 

4. When you are satisfied, click on "Send for Approval." This will begin our brief approval process. Once approved by Digital Deets, the promotion will be published.

5. You can view the state of your promotion by clicking on My Promotions. All of your promotions will be listed and in the top right corner of each one, you will see either "Awaiting approval" in yellow or "Published" in green.

Viewing Analytics

After you've sent out your promotions and they've been published, you can check and monitor your digital reach by going to My Promotions. At the bottom of each one, you will see analytics.

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