School Deets is now Digital Deets!

School Deets is now Digital Deets!

In order to reflect our growing list of services, we’re happy to announce that School Deets is changing our name to Digital Deets.

For the last six years, School Deets has helped kids thrive by enabling school communities to raise money, connect, communicate, and engage with members of their community through our modern fundraising and communication software.

As we’ve grown, we realized schools, nonprofits, and businesses all have a common interest—serving their communities by providing a quality service—but that they often do not have the sufficient time or manpower to partner together for their mutual benefit.

Our new name will allow us to continue providing a top-notch communication and fundraising solution for schools while also serving nonprofits and other businesses. Ultimately, this allows us to better serve our users by growing and diversifying the messages, organizations, and people represented on our platform. 

Our name change to Digital Deets ultimately does a better job capturing the service we can provide to communities across the country.

We are excited for the future and to continue serving our customers, both existing and those we haven’t met yet!

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