Platform Set Up/Management: Digital Deets Member Sign-Up Experience

Platform Set Up/Management: Digital Deets Member Sign-Up Experience

Once you've added your members you may be wondering what they see as they are introduced to the application. When you send your first post announcing Digital Deets as your communication platform, here is how your parents will receive and interact with this information.

First, the email will appear in their inbox as such:

Your organization's name will be the sender's name and the email will come from no-reply-{organizationname}

When they open the email, they will see your full post and a brief explanation on how to complete their accounts. At the very bottom, they will see "Complete my account."

After they click on  "Complete my Account" they can create and save their password and review their account settings or choose to finish their account later. It looks like this:

Then they have full access to the entire system and can review their additional account settings.  They can also choose how to receive information (emails, push notifications, etc).  They can download the Digital Deets Mobile App and sign in.

If they do not want to set up an account right then, they can click on "I'll do it later." They can still view the full content of your post, but they don't have access to the entire system and cannot sign into the app. They will be taken to your post when they click on "I'll do it later:"

Community Members who set up their account will be considered complete accounts in the Manage Members section of your organization's account. Members who do not set up their account are considered incomplete and will be highlighted yellow in the Manage Members section.  
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