Members Sign Up From Email or Digital Deets Website

Members Sign Up From Email or Digital Deets Website

It's easy to sign up for Digital Deets as a community member.  You can complete your account from an email sent from an organization using Digital Deets or you can create an account from the Digital Deets website.

Here's how to complete your account from an email:

1. Head to your email and find an email sent to you from an organization using Digital Deets.   

The organization's name will be the sender's name and the email will come from no-reply-{organizationname}

When you open the email, you will see a post with information from the organization.  At the very bottom, you will see a button labeled: "Complete my account."  Click on the button.  

The button will drive you to Digital Deets.  You will add a password to complete your account.  Then you can review your account settings.  That's it!  You will be all set up. 

Here's how to complete your account from the Digital Deets website.

Head to the Digital Deets Website:

Head to and click on Community Catalog

From the Community Catalog, find your Community Organization by typing in your organization's name in the search bar

Create a quick account

If you have  a student that you want associate with your account,  add your student to your account from your account settings:

Add their code.  

Your set up is complete.  

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