Signing up with Digital Deets

Signing up with Digital Deets

Here's how to sign up with Digital Deets.

1. Sign up your organization from our homepage.

2. Click on "Sign up my organization for the first time."

3. Enter your organization details, then click on Agree & Join.

4. Use the search bar to find your organization. If you don't find your organization, submit your organization using the link in blue. We will be in touch once we've added your organization.

5. Once you've found it, click on it and confirm your organization in the pop up.

6. Then you are all set to access your account! Click OK.

7. Now you are in your account and can choose how to proceed using the three blue buttons at the top: Raise funds, Communicate with members of your organization, or Share promotions with others.

8. If you want to raise funds, click there to see what steps you need to take. You can click each step to complete it. Read more about raising funds with Digital Deets here.

9. If you want to communicate, click there to see what steps you need to take. You can click each step to complete it. Read more about communication with Digital Deets here.

10. If you want to promote, click there to see what steps you need to take. You can click each step to complete it. Read more about promoting and sponsoring with Digital Deets here.

You can use DigitalDeets in lots of different ways, so feel free to explore each option and our Help Desk to learn more!

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