Sponsor an Organization

Sponsor an Organization

With a Sponsorship, you not only support the members of an organization through financial contributions, you also get the opportunity to promote your brand and gain new customers through exposure to our Digital Deets community of engaged members. Our communities are logging into our app daily on their computers and phones to read updates and important information from their organizations. Organizations, such as schools and nonprofits, are using our platform to send out emails regularly to their entire audience. With a Sponsorship, your logo and promotions will be in our web and mobile app, as well as in email communications sent through Digital Deets, on organization websites, and on social media accounts, for the organizations you sponsor. This means your information (business hours, latest deals, upcoming promotions, logo, whatever you want to display!) is seen by the organization's entire audience every time they log in or read an email. 

For only $500 a year per organization, you can sponsor an organization of your choice and get your brand new exposure and new potential customers. 

Our organizations that you can potentially sponsor are:

Asbury Elementary School

Bradley Elementary School

C3 Creativity Challenge Community School

Hamilton Middle School

The Hollys Schools

Holm Elementary School

Isabella Bird Community School

Lowry Elementary School

McAuliffe International School

Merrill Middle School

Place Bridge Academy

Prep Academy

Samuels Elementary School

Southeast Christian School

Southmoor Elementary School

You may be wondering, how exactly does this all look? Where does my information sit and what are users seeing? Let's break it down:

Digital Deets App and Website

You can create promotions that appear in a separate horizontal feed in the Digital Deets app and website. Organization members, such as parents, staff, and members, are logging onto this site and app regularly to see recent posts from the organization. Your promotions will appear right under the organization's most recent post and is randomly displayed, along with promotions from any other sponsors the organization may have. Everyone can easily view the promotion directly under the most recent post from the org:

Viewers can click on "Learn More" to be taken to your full promotion, as seen here:

You can include links, PDFs, and other files in your promotion, to lead audience members to your website or other relevant sites to your business. You can include any information you want to share, and you can create new promotions easily and quickly if you have new deals that you want to share.
Your logo lives at the top of the Digital Deets Communications feed for the year, so everyone see it every time they log on. Again, people are logging into both our website and our app daily to view information, so they will see your brand every time as well. You can see this below:

Viewers can click on your logo to see more information in a pop-up. You can include information about your business, links, photos, and anything else you may want your audience to know about your company. The pop-up looks like this:

Email Communications

Your promotions are also included on Digital Deets' email notifications, as seen below. Organization members are receiving multiple emails a day from their organization using Digital Deets, and they will see your business at the bottom of each one.

Social Media

Your promotions can be shared via the social media accounts of the organizations you sponsor (and any social media influencers the org has designated in their system). Whenever you create a promotion, the organization can share your promotion to their Facebook or Twitter, and send it to others via email or direct link. Your promotions have the potential to reach more and more people, as more and more people share it.

Organization Website

Your promotions can be displayed on the organization's own website. The organization installs a simple widget on their site and any promotions you create will display there.  Your promotions can include general business information, upcoming events, website links and PDFs, among other items. We work with the organization to ensure the widget is successfully installed. 

With a Sponsorship, you get access to a whole new audience of engaged viewers. You can create interesting, relevant promotions that speak to these audiences and attract new customers for your business. And all the while, you are supporting the local community.

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