Supplemental Terms

Supplemental Terms

Fees and Expenses:  

Use of our fundraising products and services is free to the Fundraising Organization through the Lite version of Digital Deets.  Organizations may upgrade to the Pro version of our software for $500 annually to access our communication products and solutions.  

Digital sponsorships for your Fundraising Organization in the Digital Deets platform are recommended to be priced at $400 a year. If you are including your sponsors in your frequent email communication, we recommend pricing your digital sponsorship at $500.  Recommended prices are subject to change based on market demand and our digital product offerings. 
Fundraising organizations keep 100% of the funds raised.  
Fundraising organizations may use their payment processing vendor for sponsorship purchases and online checkouts or ours.  If the fundraising organization uses Digital Deets as their online checkout vendor.  Digital Deets will send the fundraising organization their sponsorship funds via check or direct deposit approximately 2 weeks after the digital sponsorship has been collected, credit card fees may apply. 

Recognition of Digital Sponsors:

Sponsors procured by Digital Deets will be acknowledged in the Fundraising Organization’s digital communication channels.   Fundraising organizations are encouraged to install our widget on their website to share sponsors' information and to acknowledge sponsors on social media.

Right to Terminate Services:

Both parties will provide 30 days written notice to terminate the use of our fundraising services with or without cause. Within 30 days of receipt of the notice to terminate services, we will stop our services.  

If you terminate our services before the expiration of your digital sponsorships, you will continue to recognize sponsors in a comparable manner to the acknowledgment they received in Digital Deets.  

Use of Logo and Name:

The Fundraising Organization shall grant Digital Deets permission to use its name and logo in its digital sponsorships sales marketing materials.