Update: Sharing a Post in a New Way

Update: Sharing a Post in a New Way

We have updated the way you share posts and who you can share it with. You can be more deliberate and specific about who in your audience is receiving what messages and where. We want to help you get the right information to the right people in the right places!

Previously, when you created a post, you had the option to make the post "public" or "private." If you selected "private," this post was only sent to the groups selected. "Public" posts were sent to your organization website (if you have the widget installed) and our Community feed, where neighbors and other community members could create accounts to see public updates from your organizations. 

Now, you can decide who else you want the post to go to, as well as where else you'd like to share it. You still select the groups you'd like the post to go to in the top section, give it title, create the content, add links and images, but you'll see two new sections at the bottom:

Who else would you like to share this with?

All Neighbors are your community members who live nearby and like to stay informed about what's going on at your organization. You can add them under Manage neighbors and they will be automatically assigned to this group. They could also be potential future sponsors that you'd like to see your active community. Read more about neighbors here.

All Sponsors have supported your organization financially--perhaps you want to let them know about upcoming events at your organization. When you have a paying sponsor, they are automatically added to this group.

If you've imported prospective parents into your DigitalDeets account, you can send them posts regarding Open Houses and Visiting Days.

Where else would you like to share this?

Once you've installed our widget on your website, you can send posts there. If you haven't installed it, no problem: check out this article to learn how.

You can also send your post to your organization's social media accounts. Your influencers can re-share your posts and get your message even farther.

Got questions? Email us at info@digitaldeets.com

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