Why Sponsor with Digital Deets?

Why Sponsor with Digital Deets?

When you choose to sponsor an organization through Digital Deets, there are numerous benefits included. Not only do you get to send out personalized promotions to the organization, you also get to track those promotions to glean valuable data, reach a larger audience, and support your local community. Through this type of sponsorship, you contribute to building a strong, engaged community in your area and beyond. 

Communicate Locally 

Get brand recognition from community members at local, state, or national levels. In this modern area, it can be hard to meet people in person and build strong connections. But sponsoring through Digital Deets helps facilitate and foster just those types of relationships. You are supporting local organizations and helping build an interconnected, strong community. You can build off existing bonds and make new ones by sponsoring multiple organizations. You create attractive messages that make your business stand out to the engaged Digital Deets community.

These promotions are put in front of your audience on systems they are using frequently, especially as remote learning continues. Organizations are using our online platform regularly to disseminate information and provide updates to their community, so members are checking this platform often and seeing your promotions every time.

Promote Instantly 

With your sponsorship, no matter what level, you can create promotions at any time and instantly share them with the organizations you sponsor. After a brief approval process, your promotion gets sent out automatically! Last minute deals, end of year sales, no problem! Create promotions outlining these events or special deals, and have them reach your audience fast! An instant connection with your potential customers to promote your business and offer immediate solutions.

You can create as many promotions as you want throughout the year. You can publish a promotion to last the whole year, or you can create monthly promotions to send out fresh information and visuals. It's up to you how often you want to post. There is no limit to how many promotions you can make.

Communicate Fluently 

Digital Deets values the complexity of our communities and recognizes the importance of communicating effectively with all community members. For this reason, Digital Deets has built-in translation features so that you can create engaging promotions that resonate with all language speakers. You keep everyone "in the know" by delivering your information directly to organization members in their native language.

Engage Consistently

With Digital Deets Sponsorships, you have a measurable reach directly tied to your promotions and can measure your effectiveness easily.
As your information is shared across organization communities via their website and communications platform, you can view real-time analytics to see who's engaged and reading your promotions. This includes aggregated data on the communities you reach and information on number of views, as seen below.

This information sits under "Promotions" in your Digital Deets Community account. You can see all your promotions here and their respective engagement information. You can see how many people the promotion was sent to, how many viewed it, and how many read it. You can also edit the promotions here, hide them, or delete the promotion entirely. If you delete a promotion, the corresponding data will be lost.

Spend Wisely

The price of each sponsorship is cost effective. Not only do you get to support local organizations and enhance your community, you also gain valuable data and new customers for you business. You can meet your annual advertising budget to communicate calls to action, special deals, or seasonal programming for your audience. Digital Deets has competitive costs with other social media and direct mail buys.

Support Generously

Digital Deets allows you to give directly to organizations and provide financial boosts to those institutions. Organizations receive 50% of your sponsorship dollars. Your support directly benefits local communities. And we help you keep track of all your sponsorships and monitor the growing reach of your business all in one place.

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